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Central Park Sheiks in Greenwich Village on May 15, 1974

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Central Park Sheiks in Greenwich Village on May 15, 1974

Published May 15, 1974


Central Park Sheiks
acoustic swing band

The People's Warehouse
Greenwich Village, NYC
May xx, 1974

fob / dfc
Electro-Voice RE-15 mic
Nakamichi 550 w/Dolby NR, Advent Chromium Dioxide tape

Nakamichi 550 > Lexicon Alpha > USB > Samplitude 24-bit / 48 Khz
Samplitude 7.22 > 16-bit / 44.1 Khz > TLH > Flac

taped, transferred, and remastered by Monte Barry

released on September 22, 2008

-- tried my best to get the correct info below --

d1t01 Honeysuckle Rose
d1t02 Protoype Computer
d1t03 Let Your Love Come Down
d1t04 Chicken Creole
d1t05 lead vocal tune w/the Roach Sisters
d1t06 Up on the Mountain
d1t07 instrumental
d1t08 One Bar to Another
d1t09 Country Music
d1t10 Lovesick Blues
d1t11 Lady Be Good
d1t12 instrumental
d1t13 There'll Come a Time
d1t14 vocal tune
d1t15 instrumental
d1t16 vocal tune w/Roach Sisters
d1t17 vocal tune
d1t18 vocal tune
d1t19 instrumental medley
d1t20 vocal tune

Central Park Sheiks

dobro, lead vocals
other lead vocals
lead guitar
rhythm guitar
upright base

w/the Roach Sisters on a few -- trumpet solos played in them

bit torrent for this show



all track changes are seamless
tape was edited raw (paused) on-the-fly

Honeysuckle Rose CD is available, released in 1976
John Caruso: Bass
Matt Glaser: Violin
Bob Hipkens: Dobro, Trumpet, Vocals
Bert Lee: Guitar, Vocals
Richard Lieberson: Guitar, Vocals
with Gary Burke on Drums
band pic is from Honeysuckle Rose CD

blonde hair guy on right in pic:
-- he is dobro player, trumpeter
-- he is lead singer on
Honeysuckle Rose
There'll Come a Time
Lady Be Good

guy with hat in above pic:
Richard Lieberson 1949 - 2006


Reviewer: petertea - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 25, 2013
Subject: Wow
Nice to find the Sheiks again. Used to see them at the Freeze Dried Coffehouse at SUNY Albany when they swung up that way. Even had the pleasure of being called up as an audience participant for one of Bert Lee's magic tricks.

Track 3 is really 'Mr. Blake' though its easy to see why one might come up with the title listed. Will see if I can add any others as I listen to this...

Track 5, with the Roches, is 'Angel Band'
Track 6, Up on the Mountain, is really 'Wind in the Willows'
Not sure about the instrumentals, but there are one or two on Honeysuckle Rose (where most of the other titles are coming from) so they might be found yet...
Track 8 'One Bar to Another' is really "The Memory of your Smile"
Track 17 is "The Prize"

The others will require a bit more detective work.


Reviewer: justjake - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 25, 2008
Subject: a gem
beautiful music. recording is what it is. but what's inside here is from a period long since gone.

thank you.
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